Why the heck is Hwang Jae-gyun garnering a lot of MLB attention than his fellow teammate Son Ah-seop???

(I have some answers for that, via and very thanks to TVchanews…)


I really am no fan of 3B/SS Hwang Jae-gyun playing next season in the Major leagues, he still needs a lot of work to improve his fielding (saw him at 3rd mostly with the Busan Lotte Giants, committing 16 errors in the season), and lastly, his batting more and plate discipline (he struck out 122 times with only 48 walks). What he has done this 2015 season with the Lotte Giants was no doubt a FLUKE season, having career highs in both homers and RBI’s while hitting .290, the only time he hit above .300 was last year when he hit .321… Before that year and the other previous years, he mostly hit around .270 with two seasons where he hit .280 or above, this season is the ONLY season where he hit 20 plus homeruns in his 9 year career in the KBO. I’d like to see him stay for at least one more year and see if he can duplicate that same kind of success of him next KBO season.


Now, let’s go back to the reason on why Hwang is garnering a lot of interest from MLB teams and scouts when it should be Son the one to have that attention.


Why you ask? It’s his freaking BATFLIP… The overrated hype was all over him when he made that “monstrous” batflip against the NC Dinos just this season, giving him “international fame/attention” blah blah blah. I mean, seriously? He’s already garnering a lot of attention from MLB teams even with Son still in the posting system… The Dodgers are one of the “other many” teams that has expressed interest in him. Outfielder (RF) Son Ah-seop, ONLY has ONE MLB team that has shown interest in him, the Orioles, but backed out cause they said he isn’t worth the value his team the Busan Lotte Giants wanted, therefore no bid was placed… In this 2015 season, Son Ah-seop batted .317 with an OBP of .406 while hitting 13 homeruns and 58 RBI’s… Hwang Jae-gyun, on the other hand, batted .290 with an OBP of .350 while hitting 26 homeruns and 97 RBI’s…


Why Son would have a higher chance of success playing in the Major leagues than Hwang? Here’s the answer… He is known for his ability to put batted balls in play, Son Ah-seop’s career strikeout rate is JUST 15.7 percent with 555 strikeouts in 3,542 career PA’s (3103 AB’s), he’s a hitter that can also put balls to other parts of the field, added that with his speed (not to mention he batted .300 above for 6 consecutive years with Busan)… Hwang has NO to RARE homerun power (he’s not even recognized that much as a dangerous hitter in the league), just as I said in the 1st paragraph above, this year/season is the only season where he hit 20 homeruns throughout his career… Now, with 26 homeruns hit in the KBO this 2015 season, a .290 average, and with little plate discipline, how well would that bat of his translate in the Majors? ZERO to low chances of succeeding, he still needs a lot of work… (TVcha and YTN was shocked that the value given by the O’s to Son Ah-seop was “0”, “0-30” from MLB teams…)


(I would recommend you guys watching this video below, I have already covered the important statements here in the paragraphs above…)



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